Monday, 8 December 2008

Bold and his favourite monkey!!

Bold has a favourite friend he likes to cuddle up too when he has one of his many 'cat naps' and I managed to capture one of his cuddling monkey moments on camera...

The monkey belongs to my son... brought for him by his sister as a bit of a joke a few years ago now... my son must like it as its always kept at the bottom of his bed, but no doubt he will never own up to this statement......

It reminds me of a recent post by the lovely CW at and gorgeous Tom kitten with his favourite doll!
I wonder if other cats have a favourite toy to cuddle up too?


Compostwoman said...

Oh how sweet!

It DOES look like Tom and his dolly!

Compostgirl is quite miffed as she still loves her rag doll and wants her back, but Tom keeps on retrieving her from CG's bed......

And Bold is SUCH a handsome puss...such a lovely colour!

Tea with Willow said...

Oh bless him! He loves monkey, doesn't he! He's such a handsome boy!
Willow x

Greentwinsmummy said...

He is adorable!Mabel has a dragnfly she cuddles and a small hedgehog of the smalls lol!
Thanks for the other Meme,I tried to start it last night but got distracted doh! will have more luck later I hope!
So glad Basil is on the mend
GTM x x x