Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Its snowing!!!

What a mixed bag the weather has been today... Firstly frosty start with sunshine, then rain and finally snow.

My OH calls me from work this afternoon and said go and look out of the window, on looking out of window all I can see is rain! OH said 'well its thick snow here' After a few more exchanges about the weather conditions we end telephone conversion and go about our business. About half and hour later the phone rings again and its my Mum...'its snowing' and so it was... so without further ado Mum and I wrap up and take Basil for his afternoon walk so we can enjoy the snowy conditions ... Mum is now 77 and still enjoying the snow although I have to keep an eye on her in case she should slip over.

Here are my efforts at attempting to record the first snow of winter......



Got home eventually, soaking wet and cold so had a cup of this.....

Had a nice warm by this.....

Sadly we don't have a Wood burning or Solid fuel fire... those were the days, nothing like curling up by a log fire. We actually have Calor Gas fuel which is delivered by tanker and they fill the 'bomb' thingy in the garden. I don't usually have the fire has high as this, it was just to give Mum and I an initial warm up.... once we had actually thawed a little it was turned down to a far more conservative setting!

I have just had a peep outside, its nine minutes past midnight and OH has not long got in after his shift at work.... and its absolutely freezing outside. Now I will be worrying about son travelling home at about 5.30am in the morning after his night shift.... When do Mums ever stop worrying???


Willow said...

Hi Jane, my that looks a wintry scene! You were very brave heading out into the cold .. I think I would have been very lazy and opted for a cup of tea & a look out of the window! It does look beautiful though,doesn't it. It's very frosty here this morning & I worry about OH driving to work too, as he has over an hour's drive to get there each day. Stay warm & take care!
Willow x

Slice of life said...

Look at your snow pictures! I forgot I had my camera in my handbag, I was out in it as well. That would have made a good picture.

THanks for leaving your comments.

Really, I only go to London to see my friend. Else I wouldnt bother going again. I much prefer places like Harrogate, Bath, Cheltenham. The Romans must have seen something they liked in these places....

thriftymrs said...

It really came down yesterday didn't it? Brr it was freezing too.
We have three blankets on our bed because it is sooooo cold!

Heart in the country said...

I love the snow so would have dragged No 2 out for a walk,but all we have had so far is rain - and a lovely view of the snow capped Malverns to tease us :-(
We do have an open fire, I know I'm showing off now,LoL, and it is lovely as you say to sit in front of when we've been standing in the freezing cold watching No 2 play rugby.

Thank you for your comments, those were the days weren't they, I think you would be right that it would be me in for a telling off!