Saturday, 11 October 2008

Its a Doggie Thing

Whilst Basil was out on his walk with me this morning I was playing with him and his much loved green ball. The ball was a Christmas present from my daughter to Basil. Basil has quite a few toys but he has favourites and this green ball is one of his beloved favourites and comes with us on every walk.

I threw the ball for Basil and in the process of catching the ball, the ball bounced off Basil's nose and hit a clump of ploughed soil, it then bounced off the clump of soil into a bed of stinging nettles.

Usually Basil soon sniffs out the missing ball and we carry on our way, but not today!!

Basil just could not find the ball and feeling really sorry for him I decided to help try and find the ball. After much poking and prodding and trying to avoid the nettles with not much success, Basil then discovered what I decided was a rabbit hole and kept sniffing and hovering around it. He would not leave the hole alone so I guessed the ball must have gone into the rabbit burrow. I ended up on my hands and knees tentatively reaching into the rabbit hole but I could feel nothing down there. Basil is by now getting really upset. So I decide to call my OH on my mobile and see if he could come and help us out (OH is on a weeks holiday) I had not gone too far from home at this stage of my walk so it did not seem an unreasonable request to ask for assistance. About ten minutes later OH joins me armed with thick gloves to move nettles aside. I myself was quite badly stung at this point.

So all three of us were scrabbling around looking for 'the green ball' I dread to think what anyone would have thought of us should we have been discovered scratching around in the undergrowth!!

After quite a lot of fruitless searching around Basil then started to dig into the hole.... he just looked so funny bless his little heart I just had to get my trusty camera out and start filming..... and thus Its a Doggie Thing was born.

Basil has always liked a daily dig and he has his favourite digging spots in the garden much to my OH's annoyance. OH will fill in a hole only to find the hole dug up again the next day. Sometimes we find the odd thing buried. I myself find it quite endearing.

Poor Basil never did find the ball. After much digging and searching by OH and myself we had to admit defeat. Some little bunny may find an unexpected guest in his burrow today. So now Basil has his number two favourite toy to take on walks with us, hopefully that will not end up with the same fate.

Because this movie is a high resolution (bit technical for me!) I have had to use a progressive playback which means you will have to wait for the movie to load before you can view it. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you!! xxx


Willow said...

Oh Jane, that video did make me laugh! Basil was so very determined to find his ball .. I thought he was going to disappear down the rabbit hole too! Bless him, he looks like such a sweetie. I would have liked to see a shot of you and OH digging too! :0)
Willow x

aromatic said...

Actually if you had of seen a video of OH and I you would have fallen off your seat with laughter!!
OH manages to get his foot stuck in another rabbit hole, I then come to the rescue and try to pull him out. I did eventually manage to pull him free with great difficulty and then promptly fell back on my rear end... nothing like a few nettles to get you back on your feet quickly!! Tried in vain to find a few dozen dock leaves to ease the stings on my expansive rear end but not one was to be found. It brought tears to my eyes I can tell you!! If that's not true doggie love then I don't know what is!! (Not going to tell my daughter about this scenario I would most certainly never live it down!!)

Jane xxx

Willow said...

Mm .. the things we do for our animals huh!!
Willow x