Thursday, 2 October 2008


I was out in the garden yesterday taking a few photographs/films when my cat Bootsie decided to see what I was up to. Bootsie can be very vocal as you will see and hear in this little clip. I decided it was so sweet I would post it and share it with you.


Shirley Landis VanScoyk said...

I love your cat! My cat is named Fog and she is very vocal,too. She always comments when I sneeze! What a lovely wind you recorded. You inspired me to keep my camera more ready!

Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting, too!

liZZie said...

Hello Bootsie! My young cat Frankie only gets as far as the doormat on days like this... what a wussie puss.

aromatic said...

Hi Shirley, What a lovely name.. Fog sounds gorgeous. We have a border collie called Basil who always runs and hides when my OH sneezes.. we have no idea why? The rest of us can sneeze away and it has no effect on Basil.. Guess OH's sneeze has more of a foghorn effect!!

aromatic said...

Hi Lizzie.. Bootsie send his love!!
Frankie sounds like my other cat Bold... the reason for the name Bold was when he came into our lives he was a feral cat... his other brothers and sisters were very frightened and no one could get near them.. but Bold was brave and bold.... and stood his ground..after we managed to catch him and calm him down we needed to name him and so Bold seemed like a great name... now he is a wussie pussie just as you describe Frankie.. he runs away from everything.. including the rain!
He adores our dog Basil though and they are great friends.
The other feral cats were all caught and rescued in the end... (took some doing!!) They were all found loving homes. We actually had another cat from the same litter and he was called Fluffy.. sadly he was killed on the road about two years later...

Jane xxx

Leanne said...

I too have nosiy talkative cats.... I love it when they chat to me!
Bootsie is gorgeous!
Leanne x