Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Garden snippets

Madly trying to sort out and complete garden projects... (hope the rain stays away!!)

Yesterday Basil decided to help me out in the garden.........!!!!!

This is the view from my back garden gate, it looked lovely yesterday with the sun shinning across the fields.

Found this lurking at the back of the greenhouse.... have no idea where it has come from, but it is gorgeous. I think it may be some sort of a geranium?

Noticed two berries on my holly bush. My late Father gave it to me many years ago and it began to mature and berry then we had to move it and I thought I had lost it because all the leaves began to fall off it. I was so upset but decided to nurture it a bit and slowly the leaves began to return and up and till now I have had no more berries. Yesterday I found two so I think its happy again. I know I am!!

Finally Basil has decided to give me a hand.. think he might be in the process of burying a stone!! He's certainly trying to tell me something as I take his photograph.........


Willow said...

Ah, yes .. 'help' in the garden!! Basil looks as though he's doing a fine job! I also have that kind of help - from 3 furry friends and 2 feathered ones. Chickens make the best weeders, but every time I go out to do some digging, they are in grave danger of getting their heads chopped off, as they dive under the spade for worms!! The view from your gate is absolutely beautiful, Jane .. I wouldn't get any work done, I would just stand and gaze!!
Willow x

liZZie said...

I think if I was a dog I would be another Basil! But he's excellent company whatever he is or isn't doing. Love him. X

Greentwinsmummy said...

ah hes so handsome!gosh tell me about there being SOOO much to do in the garden argg! I did a wee bit of weeding today & just dispaired,I hope the nice weather lasts & I can get out there tomorrow afternoon and the weekend :O)