Sunday, 7 February 2010

Tagged........ (from 2009)

In late 2009 I was tagged by the lovely LiZZie at

Because I had just been through the ordeal of my Mums funeral I was not up to much at the time and sort of put my blog on hold and told LiZZie that I would delay the tag for a while but promised I would post it when I was ready to move on with life... that  time has now arrived and so I will now carry out that promise! Thank you LiZZie for this tag and award and I do VERY MUCH appreciate you thinking of me,. Its going to be fun to do and pass on....... 
Firstly the award picture ( I think its the right one... long story   but having traced the tag back to I have decided this is the award picture to use... (this is already great fun!! lol!!) 
And now for the rules ~

1. Copy and paste the picture which you see above onto your own blog. 
2. Thank the person who gave you the award and post a link to their blog.
3. Write 7 things about yourself we do not know. [See below]
4. Choose 7 other bloggers to award.
5. Link to those 7 other bloggers. 
6. Notify your 7 bloggers.   

1) I used to be a Campanologist

2) I am terrified of spiders... 

3) I adore aromatherapy but sadly I am not qualified but just dabble

4) I love my garden/greenhouse and can loose myself completely whilst working in either.

5) I cannot drive

6) My first job was in a Jewellery Shop

7) I have just discovered photography over the last couple of years and I love, love, love it. I recently sent a photograph to my local newspaper and made picture of the week and I am over the moon!! I am so happy about it that I am going to share it with you all and this is the photograph!!!

The photograph was taken on a recent frosty morning whilst walking my dog Basil.

So that concludes my not very exciting 7 things you may or may not know about me.......
And now to link to 7 other bloggers: -

I will link to you all and invite you to join in with this tag but if its not for you then please do not worry.
If anyone I have not tagged would like to have a go then please feel free........


Anonymous said...

You're so kind, thank you. I can see why the photograph of Basil was such a success -very well done Jane. Now I'm going to 'google' campanologist!

Tea with Willow said...

Hi Jane, lovely to see you around in Blogland again! I seem to have fallen by the wayside again recently - just one thing and another, getting in the way! I love the photo of Basil on your post - and how wonderful to have a photo in the newspaper!!

I hope you are feeling a little bit better now that spring is on the way - I can't wait to get out into the garden!

Love, Willow xx

ICQB said...

What a gorgeous picture! Basil looks so peppy, like he has that proverbial spring in his step. And the scenery is to die for! It's no wonder you won picture of the week.

Great to see you posting again!

Okay, I have to ask, what's a Campnoligist?

aromatic said...

Dearest LiZZie,
You are so welcome and thank you for the lovely comment regarding Basil. Does Campanologist ring any bells yet?? lol!! XXX

Tea with Willow, so lovely to hear from you again! I was a little concerned if everything was okay with you. Thank you for the comment about Basil and his photograph, I must say I was thrilled and it was just at the right time as I needed a bit of good news for a change. Like you so looking forward to Spring and getting out into the garden!XXX

ICQB... Thanks so much for your comment.. yes Basil does look peppy in that photograph, he was having such a great time on that walk as I was with my camera, such beauty to be found on that gloriously frosty morning!
Campanologist is working with bells and I used to be a bell ringer but retired when I was expecting my son...... XXX

thesnailgarden said...

Hello Jane, lovely to see you back again. Thank you for your comments on my blog - your photo of Basil is great and well done on having a photo published. My thoughts have been with you over this difficult time, best wishes, Pj x

Catalina said...

Awwww Basil is TOO cute! Lovely frosty morning pictures!
Nice to see a bit of grass too LOL

MelMel said...

Hello....sorry I've not been to sya hi for a while.....
I have a bookmark for you, pls can you send me your address ,via my email...and I'll pop it in the post....

How are you doing these days?
Thinking of