Saturday, 6 February 2010

Favourite song meme.........

I have been tagged the other day by the lovely and thought it a great idea to begin my new ... New Year on a more cheery note.....Thank you so much Sara xxxxx
This has been very hard to do as I have so many favourites and they change frequently.  So over the past few days I have put my mind through the wringer and just has I thought I had decided I changed my mind.... but and I may change my mind again in the next few minutes I have decided that this song I have loved from the moment it was released and still love it just as much now... it has special meanings to me which will remain unsaid..... but take a listen and see what you think?
And now to tag a few lovely blogger's that may enjoy taking part in this.... although it is hard and I will understand if you would prefer not to take part, the choice is yours......... and of course anyone who would like to take part that I have not listed then please feel free....... xxxxx


MoominMamma said...

Hello Jane!
Ooooh what an excellent choice of song. :D I LOVE Dave Gilmour!
I'm definitely going to post my favourite song - just need to have a bit of a think about what it is!
I hope that you feel better soon, antibiotics are horrid.
Take care of yourself
Love Kath xx

aromatic said...

I loved your favourite songs MoominMamma, it is such fun isn't it and a real blast from the past!
Slowly getting better thank goodness!! XXX