Sunday, 21 September 2008

Saturday was a beautiful day!!

What a gorgeous day it has been... Just loving all this sunshine. On my walk with Basil this morning I noticed that it is becoming very Autumnal as the above picture shows .......

We usually take Basil three good walks a day. I take him on the morning and midday walk and my husband does the night one. I thoroughly enjoy walking with Basil... regardless of the weather its always nice to get out... its an opportunity to clear ones head and enjoy nature.

I must introduce you to our much loved cats..... This is Bootsie

Bootsie is a 10 year old grey tabby. He has a bit of a cankerous personality and gets himself into quite a few fights. I have had endless trips to the vets with Bootsie who has been involved in scraps! Once he was well and truly beaten up by another cat and he was in such a bad way his tongue had been partly ripped out. Thankfully we have fantastic vets and they soon had Boots patched up and on the mend again.

Now to introduce you to Bold. Bold is also 10 years old and a very quiet timid cat, but extremely loving.

Have tried to find a more descriptive photograph of Bold but this is so far the best I can do... Bold is not very photogenic and if he sees the camera he does a disappearing act.. just when I think I have snapped the perfect photograph Bold takes off and it turns into a blurry mess.... but I will keep on trying!!
Bootsie was rescue a cat and Bold was a rescued feral cat... My husband managed to catch Bold and his brother Fluffy (long haired ginger hence the name) Bold and Fluffy were both kittens when we took them in. They both became tame quite quickly. Sadly we lost Fluffy about eight years ago. Fluffy was very interested in some rabbits in a local wood. To get to the wood Fluffy walked half a mile up a nearby drive and had to cross the road to get to the woods... sadly this led to his death has he was hit by a car. It was heart breaking as you would expect and Bold really missed his brother, but with a lot of love and care he eventually got over the loss of Fluffy and now leads a happy and contented life. Bootsie and Bold are not overly keen on each other but are happy to tolerate one another. They have two cat friends next door that they both hang around with and wile away the days with various cat adventures.....

Well think this will have to do for today... its now the early hours of Sunday morning 2.11am to be precise and I must get my beauty sleep!!!
Would like an early start tomorrow as hubby and I have a date with the garden!!!!
Here's hoping for another glorious sunny day.........

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MrsL said...

Love the photos! Good luck with teh blog too. :)