Wednesday, 24 September 2008

And the cats came too....

I set off yesterday morning for my morning walk with Basil only to find we were been followed by Bold and Bootsie. They obviously also fancied a stroll out across the fields. It made my day and it was so funny. Bold my normally camera shy cat seemed quite happy for me to take photographs of him this time, I think he was so busy keeping up he did not notice me snapping away!!

Maybe they will come again today, they certainly seemed to enjoy themselves as they jumped in and out of the hedgerows exploring!

It became quite drizzly whilst we were out walking and whilst the cats both went off indoors to lick themselves dry, Basil needed a rub down.
Doesn't he look cute!! He really loves being dried with the towel and groomed which is just as well considering he has a long haired coat which takes some looking after. Its like Velcro and anything and everything clings to it!!

The rain seemed to persist after that and I thought we were in for another wet day.....

But later on the sun started to break its way through the clouds...

And by the end of the day we enjoyed some quite pleasant weather... and I was able to take a photograph of a perfect sunset on my way home from another of Basil's walks.....

Perfect end to a perfect day!! Which nicely brings me to this poem which I like very much: -

Perfect Day

Grandmother, on a winter's day,Milked the cows and fed them hay;Slopped the hogs, harnessed the mule,And got the children off to school.
Did a washing, mopped the floors,Washed the windows and did some chores,Cooked a dish of home-dried fruit,And pressed her husband's Sunday suit.
Swept the parlour, made the beds,Baked a dozen loaves of bread,Split the firewood, lugged some in,(enough to fill the kitchen bin.)
Churned the butter, baked a cake,And then exclaimed, "For goodness sake,Those darned calves are out again!"Went and chased them into the pen.
Gathered the eggs, locked the stable,Back to the house to set the table;Cooked a supper that was delicious,Afterward washed up all the dishes.
Fed the cat, sprinkled the clothes,Mended a basket full of hose,Then opened the organ and began to play"When You Come to the End of a Perfect Day!"
- Author Unknown

PS... Thought I would make an attempt at putting up a short video of Basil out on one of his walks. I am doing all the whistling and talking (useless at whistling!!) My mother is also with me and is talking to me at the start of the video. My Mum is 76 years old bless her heart! and joins me on my afternoon walk through wind, rain or shine... nothing stops her she and she really looks forward to it each day... we usually have quite a lot of fun.

I hope I am not coming across has obsessed with Basil and the cats... They are a big part of my day but I do many other things also and I will share those with you as I progress with my blog.

Have a perfect day!!


Leanne said...

wonderful pics Aromatic, the cats are funny arent they? they just fancied a stroll too, nothing wrong with that!! and theres nothing wrong with being seemingly obsessed with your animals, they become a huge part of our lives. Just look at my blog and my inane waffling about my cats, dogs and hens!!

Leanne x

MrsL said...

Lovely photos! I remember that poem, I love it too. :)


aromatic said...

Glad I am not the only one Leanne.. I do love and adore all my pets (again wish I could have hens....) so I tend to talk about them a great deal.....
They are certainly a big part of our family.... and would not have it any other way...

Jane xxx

aromatic said...

Thank you Mrsl... the poem is delightful isn't it!
I hope to add more photographs as I go along (camera permitting!!)
Love your blog and have written a note on your guestbook.

Jane xxx